NOOR Architecture and Supervision of works

NOOR Green Architecture can offer services that spreads from the very conceptualization of a project up to the completion of the commission through all the design stages.

Landscape designers work on a canvas that is distinctly different from other art forms.

The “Art” is always changing as the plant grow, environmental conditions change, and people use the space.

For this reason, our landscape designers use a design process that systematically considers all aspects of the land, the environment, the growing plants, and the needs of the user to ensure a visually pleasing, functional, and ecologically healthy design.

By taking into consideration of the environment as a base, Architectural integrated design include,

  1. Master Planning
  2. Concept design /3-D Design and Perspective View/
  3. Detailed Design /Plan View/
  4. Construction Documents
  5. Supervision of Works

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